Asphalt Ductility Test Apparatus

This equipment is used for mensurating viscous oil shale asphalt, asphalt, viscous liquid asphalt, asphalt liquefaction wax distillation residue and bitumen emulsion evaporation residue of materials such as extensions degrees. Instrument smooth transmission, small vibration, high precision temperature control, digital display extension length etc. Characteristics. Widely used in production, construction and scientific research departments.

1. Speed: adjustable from 10mm±0.5mm/min to 50mm±2.5mm/min
2. Temperature control: ±0.5
3. Ductile length: selectable 1.5m, 2m
4. Bath dimension : 1600 x 280 x 200mm (1.5m), 2100 x 280 x 200mm (2m)
5. Power supply : 220V 50Hz

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