Mesin Marka Jalan Bandara Teknas GTM SPB02

  • Material Rangka : Mild Steel
  • Material Tabung : Stainless Steel
  • Engine : Japanese Robin 6.0HP or Honda 5.5HP four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine
  • Paint pump : The imported diaphragmatic high pressure airless pump with big flow and stable pressure. 
  • Maximum pressure : 20mpa (working pressure is 10-15mpa) 
  • With maximum flow: 4.5L/min
  • Spray gun: Equipped with single new type manual spray gun with hard side columnar reverse washed nozzle (20/25) which can make the on-spot discharging easy and convenient; the non-arc nozzle ensures the marking line straight and exact.
  • Spray width: 100 - 200 mm.
  • Glass beads spray system : equipped with glass beads spray gun with adjustable gravity and consumption and pressurized glass beads bin.
  • Available paint : Water-based or cold solvent paint. 
  • Guide rod : Freely adjust to up, down, left, right. 
  • Paint tank : Use paint tank (option for special paint tank to improve the work efficiency).
  • Rubber wheel: The left and right back wheels are gas-filled pressure resistant vacuum wheels whose diameters are ?14 inchi; the front directional wheel is special naturally modified rubber wheel with abrasion resistance whose diameter is ? 6 inchi. 
  • Front wheel directional device: The directional device controlled by the brake handle ensures the road marking machine to operate freely in straight line or turning.
  • Dimensi P x L x T: 150 cm x 120 cm x 105 cm.
  • Berat: 150 kg.
  • Finishing : Cat duco 

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